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Thank you for
Lighting a Candle for Ukraine

Your candle will stay lit for 48 hours. We invite you to also look at messages left by others and hold their dedications in your heart. Candles are free for everyone, thanks to contributions from people like you. 

You can further support the people of Ukraine during this crisis who are now hungry, homeless and without medicine by supporting The Franciscan Relief Fund.

The Franciscan Relief Fund

The Franciscan Relief Fund was established by the Franciscan Friars in 2020 to bring food assistance to men, women, and children facing hunger during times of natural disaster, war, disease, unemployent or poverty.

In Ukraine today, our sisters and brothers and their children are facing hunger, homelessness and evacuation.

While many are leaving the country, the Franciscan Friars are staying to help and be with the people they serve. Through the Franciscan Relief Fund, we will send funds to the friars to help those who desperately need our help with food, clothing and medicine. Please – give generously and with gratitude to The Franciscan Relief Fund.

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