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St. Anthony's Guild

St. Anthony’s Guild is dedicated to carrying on the teachings and mission of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua. St. Anthony’s Guild is always striving to be an instrument of peace and an example of God’s love to all people.


The Guild strives to promote the spiritual well-being of all its members, living and deceased, through prayers, Masses and Special Intentions. It helps educate priests and brothers in the Franciscan tradition so that they may go out into the world as St. Francis and St. Anthony did and spread the message of love for God and all His creatures. The Guild and its members serve God by supporting the Franciscan Friars in their work with the poor, the alienated, the homeless and the suffering. 


As we approach the Feast of St. Jude, we invite you to celebrate Live Mass with the Franciscan Friars. Sign up below to receive exclusive access on October 28th at 10:00 AM EST.


Join the Franciscan Friars in prayer and devotion as together we honor so many wonderful saints who answers so many of our prayers with miracles and tender love. There are so many intentions that need our prayers, needs and intentions for ourselves and our loved ones.


The Franciscan Friars serve over 2 million people each year by providing them with the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance. Help support the Franciscan Friars as they continue to serve others during these unprecedented times.


Our Tree of Eternal Life rests in The Franciscan Peace Garden of St. Francis of Assisi in NYC. Here, the memory and name of your deceased loved one will live on through a gold engraved leaf mounted on the Tree of Eternal Life, and with the prayers and Masses of the Friars.


Bring the Friars and their love of life into your home and make FranciscanTV.US one of your regular viewing channels. You will be able to watch everything from cooking, art and quiz shows, to mass and devotions, all on this one fantastic Franciscan channel!


The phrase “All Are Welcome” is at the core of Franciscan hospitality. We don’t believe in living in the past, only serving all those who cross our lives in the present, and we look forward to the challenges of the future. 

All proceeds from the sale  of our religious goods go towards the support of the ministries of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province.

Support The Work
of The Franciscan Friars

Only with your support can we continue to serve over 2 million people each year with the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and counseling.

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