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Light A Candle

Anthony’s Guild invites you to light a virtual candle in honor of St. Anthony. Along with your candle you can submit an intention for yourself, a loved one or in memory of someone you have lost.

There is no charge for lighting a virtual candle. Your candle will burn for approximately 9 days.


Linda A. LaVerdiere, my sister

Please pray for my sister, Linda's, ailments. She has Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Stage 3 Kidney Disease, Scoliosis, and Mild Depression. She is in pain most days. Please pray that she is healed of all her illnesses- SOON!!!! Also, she hates where she is living so pray she is able to get a mobile home or at least another apartment or condo. She also lives in POVERTY!!! She has a son, Jason, who is severely mentally-ill who is also hateful, cruel, and even evil at times. Linda has suffered much because of him since 1993!!! Pray she receives a blessing/miracle very soon!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DAILY PRAYERS.

This prayer petition is from Linda's sister, Celeste Bouchard. I want to see her WELL in every area of her life!!!

Prayer submitted by:


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