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St. Anthony’s Guild invites you to light a virtual candle in honor of St. Anthony.
Along with your candle you can submit an intention for yourself, a loved one or in memory of someone you have lost.
There is no charge for lighting a virtual candle. Your candle will burn for approximately 9 days.


To end Coronavirus era

June 27, 2020

For the year 2020 - 2021 Cebu, Philippines of Dumdum-Cabarrubias family of deceased parents Aquiles and Perisade, Francis Andrew, deceased Vincent Aquiles, Fides Marie, Pericles Bernard and Adeles Marie request unceasing prayers as I pray for St. Raphael’s Intercession: Good Saint Raphael, blessed archangel, who healed the earth, we humbly implore your powerful intercession
with Jesus through Mary. We pray for the healing of the sick, and for safety and good health for all from the corona virus. Bless our doctors and nurses; receive the souls of the dead into their heavenly reward
and console all who are in pain or mourn. We ask these intercessions through the merits of our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. Pericles Bernard Dumdum-Cabarrubias,OFS that we as a family of Dumdum-Cabarrubias heed all government orders for the entire duration of enforced "hard lockdown" and the pandemic Corona virus era of drastic actions as part of relentless efforts to contain the spread of the virus to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy every single day and all our days healthy on effecting control of the COVID 19 infection, and lockdown to all quarantine passes temporarily cancelled, and no one, as in no one, will be allowed to leave their homes, and trace those who may have symptoms and isolate them at once while administering all possible treatment for them for the sake of the residents themselves whose welfare is our primary concern, always mindful to observe Republic Act No. 11332 of mandatory reporting, Republic Act No. 11469 to provide truthful information on health condition and exposure, Republic Act No. 10173 protect personal information on a daily health checklist for symptoms for the past 14 days - Sore throat, Body pains, Headache, Cough, Colds, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Difficulty in breathing, Fever for the past few days and Decreased sense of smell; Exposure for the past 14 days - confirmed COVID 19 same close environment, contact with symptoms for the past 2 weeks, travel in Manila and outside of the Philippines - at home during a time of uncertainty requires prayer of 1 Thess 5: 16-18 Semper gaudete, sine intermissions orate, in omnibus gratias agite; haec enim voluntas Dei est in Christo Iesu erga vos - Perry,OFS 2020 Keep calm. Keep safe. Keep close to Christ. Sts. Francis and Clare Fraternity at Poor Clare Monastery - Pericles Bernard Cabarrubias,OFS

Prayer submitted by:

Pericles Bernard