Light A Candle

St. Anthony’s Guild invites you to light a virtual candle in honor of St. Anthony.
Along with your candle you can submit an intention for yourself, a loved one or in memory of someone you have lost.
There is no charge for lighting a virtual candle. Your candle will burn for approximately 9 days.



February 21, 2021

• Please ensure Graham and Spencer are appropriately diagnosed so they receive any help they need. May they be able to focus, have a strong desire to succeed and be dedicated in their learning. May God guide their parents to the correct decision regarding their school choice. Most importantly, lead Graham and Spencer to overwhelmingly succeed in school.
• Please heal Amelie of her limp. May the Holy Spirit lead her doctors to the correct diagnosis and treatment. May this resolve quickly.
• Please heal Nick of his ankylosing spondylitis. Chrohn’s and text neck.
• If it be the will of God, may Christina and Geoff sell their home quickly and then find the best next home, according to the holy and perfect will of God. May their house move be one of peace and joy.
• May the Ben and Kate’s child be healthy and the delivery occur without complications

Prayer submitted by:


Swisher, IA 52338
US Minor Outlying Islands