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13 Tuesdays of Prayer To St. Anthony

I hope this letter finds you well and keeping warm this winter. Well, the days are moving quickly toward the beginning of our Thirteen Tuesdays Novena in honor of our dear Friend and Saint, Anthony of Padua! Join us in prayer every Tuesday over the next few months until the Great Feast of St. Anthony on June 13th! The tradition of the 13 Tuesdays is a very powerful prayer time in our devotion to St. Anthony! To the friends of St. Anthony, the origin of Thirteen Tuesdays may be lost in history, but not in the hearts of those faithful to St. Anthony. This wonderful tradition is said to have begun because of the many miracles that took place on the Tuesday following the death of St. Anthony on June 13, 1231. Another tradition seems to be that after his canonization, Christians began the custom of preparing for the celebration of the feast of St. Anthony by dedicating themselves in prayer and novenas on each of the thirteen Tuesdays preceding June 13th. All these centuries later and we still continue this wonderful tradition!

Please, pray with us as we honor St. Anthony, our great Wonder-Worker and Friend, over the next thirteen Tuesdays, starting on March 15th and leading up to his Great Feast Day on June 13th! Join the Franciscan Friars in prayer and devotion as together we honor this wonderful saint who answers so many of our prayers with miracles and tender love. There are so many intentions that need our prayers, needs and intentions for ourselves and our loved ones. During this ongoing COVID pandemic we pray for those who are sick, and we remember those who have died. I look forward to hearing from you soon as our St. Anthony’s Guild Family prepares for this great devotion to St. Anthony! Pray for us as we daily pray for you! May St. Anthony help to grant all your Novena Prayer Requests.

Fr. David Convertino, OFM

Fr. David Convertino, OFM

Executive Director,
St. Anthony's Guild

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