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Feast of St. Anthony 2021

Thirteen Tuesdays Devotion to St. Anthony

St. Anthony’s Prayer: Lord Jesus, bind us to you and to our neighbor with love. May our hearts not be turned away from you. May our souls not be deceived nor our talents or minds enticed by allurements of error, so that we may never distance ourselves from your love.

Thus may we love our neighbor as ourselves with strength, wisdom and gentleness. With your help, you who are blessed throughout all ages. Amen. Pray for us, St. Anthony, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Prayer of Petition: Holy St. Anthony, you are the consolation of so many people. We come to invoke your help, confident of experiencing your goodness and power. Pray for us to the Father of mercies that we may obtain the graces we need for ourselves and for our loved ones. (Pause for your Personal Petitions)

True follower of St. Francis, put into our hearts the flame of your love, that we may love our merciful Father in heaven and our neighbors as ourselves. Pray that we may fulfill the will of God and live the way Jesus shows us in the Gospel. Be a guide for us this day that we may recognize the opportunities God gives us to be helping and caring. Assist us in keeping the promises we made at our Baptism. Help us to obtain the grace to walk in the light of faith and to proclaim that faith by the way we live. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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