I was reflecting on what our current society calls “success” and “failure” and concluded that the earthly life of Jesus would not show Him to be a very successful or noteworthy person.

Consider these facts:

  • When He was born, there was “no room at the Inn.”
  • For nearly thirty years He lived in obscurity as “the carpenter’s son.”
  • The first review of His preaching was: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”
  • And even in death, He was crucified between two thieves and laid to rest in a tomb that belonged to someone else.
  • He had nothing even in death.

In our society today – He would not be considered a very successful man!

In the upcoming days which we call Holy Week, Jesus preached, taught, presided over the Passover supper, stood trial, and was condemned to death.

And then the story turns around…

I hope this downloadable Holy Week brochure will provide some prayerful reflection on these “Holy Days” coming up as well as some useful information about these beautiful celebrations that help us understand what real success in life is all about.

As you reflect and pray through these days of Holy Week, portrayed in this brochure, remember that this journey of Christ is also our daily journey. As we continue our journey we pass many people in this life who have so much less than we have; less food, less clothing and perhaps even sleeping on the sidewalk or under a highway. We Friars see these people everyday – from the homeless to the children who have nothing to eat or wear, and the moms who are desperate for infant formula and diapers. These are the ones who are also on the journey with us and with Christ each day. We need you to help us help them. Easter is a joyful time of the year – we are freed from sin and death! Help us to free these infants, children, women and men, from hunger, homelessness, illness, and lack of shelter. They depend on us, and we depend on you for your financial support. Please help us this Easter to bring Christ’s comfort to the poor and desperate who come to our doors each day.

As we move through the suffering of Christ, remember that our daily difficulties, sadness and joys are reflected in this Holy Week journey of Jesus. Our life should match His, as Christ served the poor and hungry, and His joy will be ours in our generosity and love.

The Friars are praying for you and your intentions every day, especially at the Easter Sunday Mass that will be celebrated for all our donors and their intentions at St. Anthony’s Retirement House in Butler, NJ.

Many blessings for a joyful and very Happy Easter to you and all those you love!

Download Prayer Brochure