Our Lady, Mother of All Children Christmas Novena

This title of Our Lady brings to mind some of the last words of Jesus as He spoke to St. John and Our Lady from the heights of the Cross, “Woman behold your son, and son behold your mother.”

With these words, Jesus gave His mother to us all, to be the Mother of all God’s people, but especially to the children we love and care for each day.

We, at St. Anthony’s Guild, celebrate this beautiful title of Our Lady, Mother of All Children with our new Christmas Novena.

With this beautiful title of Mary, we will honor our own mothers, living and deceased, and in a special way, all those children whom God has given to us to love and care for.

Our children may be our own sons and daughters, our grandchildren, great grandchildren or any child whose care and love are so important to us in our lives.

We can pray to Our Lady, Mother of All Children as we remember all the children, especially at Christmas, some of whom may now even be grown adults, who need our prayers and the intercession and love of the Mother of Jesus.

Our Lady, Mother of All Children is called upon to intercede during trying times, lack of employment, mental distress, anxiety, school problems, divorce or anything that affects the children we love, especially at Christmas.

Our Lady, Mother of All Children, brings comfort, love and peace to all children under her protection and all mothers who pray for and worry about their children each and every day. A mom’s power never really diminishes, no matter how big a child grows. Please join the Franciscan Friars during our Novena to Mary, Mother of All Children and remember the words –

Child behold your Mother, Our Lady, Mother of All Children.

Our Great Novena to Our Lady, Mother of All Children begins on December 16th and ends with a special Mass celebrated by the Franciscan Friars at St. Anthony’s Friary in St. Petersburg, Florida on December 25th. Join the Friars for these nine days of prayer and Mass for the children you place in Our Lady’s care.

Many blessings to all the children,

Fr. David Convertino, OFM
Executive Director
St. Anthony’s Guild