Emily was distraught and anxious because she had no formula for her infant baby girl. Sally was always joyful and fun-loving but when she saw the empty refrigerator in her apartment and then looked at her two children, she simply burst into tears. Shelia has four grandchildren. She prayed constantly that they would come back to the church. None of her children had been married in the church, and her four grandchildren had not been baptized. She was hurt that her children didn’t see the Church as important to them and their children. Sheila was worried about them and didn’t know what to do. Louise and Joe had two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom were now adults and married. Their daughter was now having trouble in her marriage. Louise and Joe prayed every day that the two could be reconciled. Their son and his wife were alienated from each other over so many issues and were heading for divorce. Louise was worried sick about her grandchildren, a five and a three-year-old. Joe saw himself and Louise taking care of the two little children a great deal more in the future. You may see yourself in one of these situations or in one like it. Parents and their children or grandchildren are often at odds over a variety of issues in our present society and world.

Parents and children can become alienated over religion, childcare, money, politics, and so many different issues. These things often divide a parent and their child from one another. Our Lady, Mother of All Children, understands raising a child and how difficult that can be for any parent. You can imagine Our Lady’s anxiety and distress when Jesus was lost in the temple. She and Joseph returned to Jerusalem and found their 12-year-old son in the temple among the adults! Mary understands children, and she understands a parent’s sometimes rocky relationship with their child.

Our Lady, Mother of All Children, understands and offers:

• comfort from your anxiety
• calmness from your frustration
• healing from your heartbreak
• hope for you and your children’s future

Our Lady, Mother of All Children, is there when you need her comfort and care in these times of pain and anguish over your children. She knows how their behavior can hurt you and cause you suffering. Pray to Our Lady, Mother of All Children, and feel her comfort and care calm your spirit and soothe your heartache.

Join with us, the Franciscan Friars, in the Great Novena to Our Lady, Mother of All Children! Feel the power of thousands of people praying with you and for you during this wonderful Novena to Our Lady, Mother of All Children!

Pray Her healing prayer every day for your children, and hope that they become closer to you and the Church. Our Lady, Mother of All Children, will pray with you and for you to our Father in heaven. No one knows a parent’s love and pain for their children like Mary, the Mother of God and Our Lady, Mother of All Children.

Share your pain and your prayers with Our Lady, Mother of All Children, through our Great Novena. Our Great Novena to Our Lady, Mother of all Children, will begin on June 4th and end with a special Mass, celebrated by the Franciscan Friars at St. Anthony’s Friary in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 13th. Please join the Friars for these nine days of prayer and Mass for the children you place in Our Lady’s care. May all your prayers for your children be granted through this Great Novena to Our Lady, Mother of All Children.

Many blessings to you and your children,

Fr. David Convertino, OFM
Executive Director
St. Anthony’s Guild